It’s all about fasteners

In many branches of industry a proper fastening is essential and in some cases even crucial. In those cases, you are looking for the certainty of a specialised partner. A partner who knows the specifics of your branche and can offer a complete range of fasteners. If this is the case, MARO Fasteners is the right partner for you.

With over 30 years of experience, the international fasteners business is familiar territory for us. We acquired the necessary knowledge and experience in branches like construction, oil & gas, the onshore and offshore industry, automotive and trade.

We are an international trading company and for you we are the connection to quality products of renowned manufacturers. Products which meet your highest expectations and demands. Of course, you can rely on the fact that all our products will comply with necessary procedures, conditions and certifications.

We know how crucial fasteners are for your business.

Mission of MARO Fasteners

MARO Fasteners will solve your problems regarding fasteners adequately and effectively. We are able to do that, by supplying top-quality products, made by reputable manufacturers. We aim to support and relieve our clients with a personalised and highly competent effort and only aspire a long-term relationship with our customers.

Contact us without obligation and take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

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